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"When you’re ready to buy or sell your home. Choose Wisely. Choose RE/MAX. "

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My name is Kevin Chao and I am your Real Estate Sales Representative.  At Remax we are focused on providing you with the best service and most importantly: Results. We have the expertise, great track record, and access to the best resources to help you reach your goals.

Vancouver is a landscape rich with amazing properties for both: buyers and sellers. With my knowledge combined with the collective of Remax we can find you the perfect deal in the beautiful Vancouver, BC.

Kevin Chao

Sales Representative

RE/MAX Real Estate Services
(778) 994-9878



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Looking to sell your property? As a sales representative in one of the leading Real Estate Agencies in Vancouver; I can help you get the best value for your home and fast.

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Looking to purchase property? At Remax we have access to some of the best properties in Vancouver. We can provide you with the best value in Vancouver that money can buy.

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Kevin Chao
Sales Representative
RE/MAX Real Estate Services
Mobile: (778) 994-9878
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